Here are some stories that highlight the benefit of systems such as Contact4Me. These are based on actual events but anonymity has been preserved.

 Evidence shows that the casualties benefit from early contact with their loved ones.   

 A reduction in the significant number of mistakes arising from inadvertent medical treatment, due to lack of knowledge around the casualties previous medical history including allergies   

 The recovery time from emotional trauma suffered by relatives and loved ones, often as a result of misplaced guilt, "If only I'd known sooner", is reduced, according to studies.   

 Peace of mind

Lost belongings in the French Caribbean One of our student members was travelling and lost his rucksack, passport and money on a small Caribbean island. Luckily the rucksack was tagged with a Contact4Me luggage label. It was reunited with him within hours!


An accident waiting to happen. Sports enthusiasts often feel immortal and why not? However a member of Contact4me – a healthy man who likes to run and walk alone joined after he realized that if anything happened to him no one would know who he was and who to contact on his behalf. Now he always runs with his membership card in his track suit pants. A month or two after he became a member of Contact4me he had to have major heart surgery, no previous symptoms, no warning!


Dementia walkabout. There are many cases of patients with early onset dementia getting lost and disorientated. Once such case involved an elderly gentleman who was able to leave his home, after lunch, use the London Underground network and end up on the street in Central London where he was born. He had no ID on him and was only reunited with his frantic relatives at 2.00 am the next morning.


Accident on the road. This story concerns a man living alone. He walked to work all week, and as such carried no real identification on him. His firm kept no next of kin details on record at that time. He was taken to hospital, and for the first 24 hours his son and daughter were totally unaware that he had been involved in an accident in his lorry. He had ICE on his mobile phone but it wasn't used on this occasion. Sadly he died just over 12 hours after his family were traced but they could have had another 24 hours with him, when he was fully conscious if they had been traced earlier.


Cycling Accident Police in Lancashire had problems contacting the relatives of a student who died after becoming trapped under a double-decker bus. The unnamed victim, who died at the scene, was a 21-year-old university student. The bus was pulling away from a stop when the accident happened. A police spokesman said "We are having problems contacting her relatives who are abroad. We have no reason to believe there are any family members in this area.”


An American Story “It took law enforcement seven long hours to find me and let me know that my son had been in an accident. He later died from his injuries. None of us plan to get into an accident, but, it happens. Usually the outcome is not a fatality. But, even if your loved one was in an accident and had just a minor injury wouldn’t you want to know right away? I will ask this question. What are you doing RIGHT NOW that is more important than entering your next of kin information? It’s easy and it’s secure!”

Real Life Stories