Do I need an extra phone line?
No. Your Carephone system comes with an adaptor that plugs into your phone line socket, which means your Carephone and land line phone can be connected at the same time. Our staff will make the necessary connections

What about my broadband connection, will the Carephone interfere with that?
If you have or are thinking of having broadband there’s no problem at all. Simply plug a filter into your telephone socket and then plug your Carephone adaptor into that, in exactly the same way as you would a normal telephone. If you think you might need a filter, contact us with your concerns and we’d be happy to provide one with your order. Our Engineer will make sure is working OK

What’s the range of the wristband alert button?
The range varies depending on the size and structure of your home. The typical range is 50 metres (165 feet) from the Carephone base, so plenty for most homes and gardens.

Does the wristband have a loudspeaker or a microphone?
No. The monitoring centre speak to you and hear you through the base unit. The wristband is an alert ‘trigger’ that tells us if you’ve pressed it and alerts us if you fall. But don’t worry, if we can’t hear you, we will always investigate the reason for your call and respond as you would want us to.

What happens if I press the button by accident?
Whenever the alert button is pressed we will contact you to make sure you’re ok. If you’ve pressed it by accident then that’s fine – simply tell us.

What if I can’t hear you or I’ve fallen and can’t get to the Carephone telephone
We’ll follow the steps we’ve agreed with you if we can’t hear you. That could include contacting a family member, key holder or friend, or contacting medical services – it’s entirely up to you how we respond in different situations.

How do I know the Carephone is working properly?
You can press the Carephone button to connect to the Monitoring Centre at any time if you’re concerned. Normally if something does go wrong we know about it straight away as the Carephone system monitors itself.

What happens if my Carephone system or wristband needs replaced?

Will I have to wait long for new parts?
No. We keep records of every Carephone and wristband and so we can send you a replacement immediately. As soon as you receive your replacement we ask you to test it to confirm that it is in full working order.

How do I pay for my Carephone ?
By outright purchase  with your monthly monitoring centre charges collected quarterly in advance by standing order OR alternatively through either our 12 month payment plan with monthly payments collected by Standing Order or our rental scheme from £24 per month.  

What if I move house?
Simply unplug the Carephone with the adaptor and take it and your wristband to your new home. Once there plug the care phone in as before, press the button, speak to the Monitoring Centre Operators and advise them of your change of address. You can do this in advance if you prefer or you can even drop us a line to confirm any changes in address or contact information. Whatever is easier for you.

Can I cancel my contract with you?
Of course you can. You’re free to cancel your agreement with us after the first year or two years on our rental plan.