TeleCare Accessories

Some other wireless transmitters available for use with the Carephone:-

Motion detector can be programmed so that the activity monitor on the Carephone is automatically reset if the person requiring assistance moves. Motion Detector can be used as part of a an intrusion alarm system.

Contact detector can be used to secure doors and windows. In addition, it has an input to which other sensors, e.g. gas and water detectors, can be connected. 

Smoke detector if a fire breaks out, a loud warning tone sounds; at the same time, the smoke detector triggers an alarm to a previously defined emergency call recipient, as every second counts in the event of a blaze.

Pull cord for use in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Waterproof tile as an alternative to the pull cord, a wireless tile can also be used. It can be fitted to the wall and is waterproof

Full Sensor List