Our care phone systems are highly intuitive in both how it’s installed and operated. Our staff will install your care phone system and demonstrate to you how simply it works and how by pressing the alert button on either the wristband, neckband or the care phone base unit connects to the Monitoring Centre who take care of over 1 million users.

Getting connected

We will complete a simple form about key information we need to know, such as how you’d like us to respond in future and details of important people in your life that you’d like us to contact in an emergency. Our Operators can also answer any questions you have about how to use your Carephone, and they’ll remind you to press your button at any time at all, whether you need help or if you want another chat about how best to use the system.

Day-to-day use

Worn as either a wristband or a pendant, most of our clients pop the alert on in the morning, take it off at night and don’t give it a second thought unless they need to call for help. A few of our clients use the Carephone system in slightly different ways so we can monitor their well-being and their movements using a log-on / log-off method. If you’re unsure about how you want to use your Carephone system, contact us before you order to have a chat about how a Carephone system can fit around your life.  There are additional accessories for this unit .. click here

Service and maintenance

Our care phone system is really very clever – so clever that it double checks itself to make sure it’s operating correctly. If the battery is low, if it’s malfunctioning in any way or if there’s a problem with how the Carephone has been set up we’ll receive an alert in the monitoring centre. We will then contact you to find out what’s wrong and to make sure the Carephone system is working perfectly again.    You can relax knowing we’ll take care of you and your Carephone system

How Much Does it Cost   

Surprisingly after you purchase the unit our monitoring quarterly rates are very competitive. Subject to status we can also offer you attractive payment terms with all ages considered.  Government agencies and multi-user complexes can expect a generous discount on our equipment and monitoring service.


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